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Five Day Drug Detox Program

Detoxsal’s Five Day Treatment Program features protocol developed by Howard S. Lotsof and Boas Wachtel in “The Manual for Ibogaine Therapy.” Our team of doctors adapted this protocol into a treatment program that provides the safest, most effective method of drug detoxification. Drug cravings and physical dependence are eliminated within the first 20 minutes of Ibogaine being administered.

Ibogaine is also effective in the treatment of alcohol addiction, however the patient must be admitted for a minimum of 5 days prior to Ibogaine being administered. Interested in learning more about Alcohol Detox at Detoxsal? Toll Free 1-855-55-DETOX (33869).

Detoxsal Treatment Schedule

Patients entering Detoxsal’s Five Day Detox Treatment Program adhere to the following treatment schedule, although it can be adjusted based on the specific needs of each patient: 


day-1-altWhen guests arrive our staff will conduct a thorough health history analysis, as well as psychological analysis. This is done to ensure individuals are physically and mentally fit to withstand treatment. For guests safety, it is imperative that all previous health history and drug use is disclosed to our staff.


day-2-altA small trial dose relative to the patient’s bodyweight is administered first to assess tolerance, along with a custom-selection of multivitamins designed specifically to aid each individual patient. A full dose of Ibogaine is then administered to the patient. He or she is under close medical supervision for 24 hours. Doctors are present when Ibogain is administered. 

Vital signs are monitored throughout the process. During the 24 hours, the patient may experience vivid dreams and visions, vomiting, sweating, chills, sleeplessness, and increased heart rate. It is important to note that these “visions” are not hallucinations. Rather, they are often times visual recollections of events throughout a person’s life. At any given moment, throughout treatment, you can simply open your eyes and these images will disappear. All side effects will be monitored closely. An additional dose 7-9 hours after the initial dosage may be given, depending on doctor’s discretion. 


day-3-altPatients move to a new phase of treatment and enjoy a full range of amenities including TV, internet, food, and music. Most of the time, patients are exhausted and will want to rest during this period. Patients are given fluids repeatedly throughout the day. Ibogaine will stay in the body for 30 days.


day-4-altPatients receive massage therapy to promote healing, improve circulation, and aid in the overall detoxification process. They then undergo follow-up psychological counseling. Patients are free to participate in recreational activities such as swimming within the gated community. They are supervised at all times.


day-5-altPsychological therapy continues. Patients’ physical strength and mental clarity will have improved. A counselor will assist each patient in developing a plan-of-action for the future and adopting new coping mechanisms for stress. Patients will feel empowered and capable of leading active, sober lifestyles


day-6-altThis day is not an actual part of the program. Day 6 is typically when patients leave to go back home. Patients have the option of staying and continuing psychological treatment if they feel it is necessary. We will assist in every possible way in helping our patients map out plans for success.


Followup Therapy

Ibogaine provides a window of opportunity to interrupt dependency but it is not the end to all means. Follow-up therapy is essential. Patients who have experienced Ibogaine detox will find that drug cravings cease after treatment, and last on average, 24 months, but they must continue to address the behavioral aspects and psychological issues that accompany addiction in order to achieve long-term sobriety.

Because Ibogaine returns the body to pre-addiction status, there is a very serious risk of drug overdose if the patient attempts to use drugs after treatment. Patients will be made aware of those risks prior to treatment, but it is ultimately their responsibility upon returning home to refrain from drug use.

To learn more about Detoxsal’s Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Program, or if you have questions regarding patient eligibility for treatment, Call Toll Free 1-855-553-3869.  Also, to learn how a prominent US Medical University professional validated Ibogaine, Click or Touch here to visit and learn about the work of Dr. Mash of UM.